A:  Register by clicking on College ID Camp. He will also be asked to submit and complete a waiver that can be returned via email. Registrations will not be considered complete until payment is received and  waivers on file.

A: Head and Assistant Coaches from NCAA, NAIA and NJCAA Colleges.

A: Yes, there will be a list available. Life is uncertain, Illness, government impose restrictions on travel and other factors may impact a particular coaches ability to attend the ID camp. If a coach cancels  we will make every effort to replace them.  

A: Open to boys and girls ages 14-19 y/o Grades 9-12 to aspire to play at the collegiate level.

A:  Film will be provided 7 to 10 days after the conclusion of camp.

A: Yes, parents are welcome to watch.


A: If a player cancels a reservation/attendance to the College ID Showcase for “medical reason”,  a signed doctor‘s note is required for a refund of fees.

  1. The “Player” will get back a 100% refund for any medical cancellations with a doctor’s note. If a “Player” cancel their reservation/attendance to a camp for something other than medical.
  2. Players will receive a 75% refund if you cancel more than 21 days prior to camp.
  3. Players will receive a 50% refund if you cancel between 15-21 days prior to camp.
  4. Players will receive a 25% refund if your cancellation is within 0-14 days prior to Camp

* All cancellations and refunds must be requested prior to camp starting. No-shows will result in a complete loss of funds.

A:Yes, there will be an athletic trainer on site.

A:The Camp schedule will be emailed two days before camp begins.

A:Yes, you will receive a t-shirt with a number.  

A: Yes, water is provided during training sessions.

A: We accept Visa, Mastercard and bank transfer.

A: Players are responsible for their own transportation.

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