USYS Europe e.V. is a Verein (i.e., Non-profit Club hereafter referred to as USYSE) headquartered in Germany providing an avenue for American players from all over Europe to train and compete. USYSE is centered around a “Grassroots” program and an Olympic Development Program (ODP); two linked, but separate programs.  The Grassroots program is a commitment by USYSE to ensure all Americans have an opportunity to play soccer. ODP is a program focused on identifying and developing elite American players in Europe. 


Sebastian Korst

Vice President

Dan Ruiz

Third President

Maribel Rodriguez

US Youth Soccer Admin

Coming Soon

Soccer Operations/ Technical Coordinator

Ronnie-Christian Franzreb

Boys Administrator & US Youth Europe Coordinator

Alina Meta

Girls Administrator

Marcel Braun

U11 Administrator

Jan Schöneberger

U11 Head Coach

Victor Swaty

U11 Head Coach Boys

Bryan McGraw

Athletic Trainer

Mario Wunder

U13 Head Coach

Patrick Kabuye

U13 Head Coach Girls

Ralf Tilkowski

GK Head Coach

Frank Illing

U15 Head Coach Boys

Jessica Wissmann

U15 Head Coach Girls

Michael Roos


Robert Gold

U17 Head Coach Boys

Frank Biehl

U17 Head Coach Girls

Herbert Korst

Camp Support

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