A: The US YOUTH SOCCER Olympic Development Program, or ODP as it is more commonly called, is a national identification and development program for high-level players. The program identifies and develops youth players throughout the country to represent their state association, region and the United States in soccer competition. 

ODP teams are formed at the state association and regional levels, made up of the best players in various age groups. At the state association level, pools of players are identified in each eligible age group, and brought together as a team to develop their skill through training and competition. From the state pools and subsequent teams, players are identified for regional and national pools and teams.

ODP Europe provides an U11 developmental program which caters into our U13 ODP TEAMS. The purpose of these training camps is to provide a competitive environment for each player to help them to reach their next level. The program is designed for any US U11 player living in Europe, the players who apply for ODP Europe should be the more competitive players at your local club teams. The program is run and train with coed teams. Each U11 Team will have their own coaches and chaperones, which will be present 24/7 at these camps.

  • U11 – COED TEAM
  • U13 – Girls
  • U15 – Girls
  • HS – Girls
  • U13 – Boys
  • U15 – Boys
  • HS – Boys

The season starts September 2-4, 2023 till Spring 2023; Selected players has the opportunity to attend regional camps in July.

A:  ODP starts with the tryout camp on Labor Day Weekend, following with November, January, March camps and Spring Break.

A: ODP camps are held from Friday – Sunday (3 Day overnight Camp), Spring Break International Tour is 7 Days.

All players need to check-in at the main building.  The girls and boys admin will email players additional camp information 3 days prior to start of each camp. Important that the ODP girls players check- in with the ODP Girls administrator, OPD boys check-in with the boys administrator, and the U11 players check-in with the U11 administrator.

  1. Development as a player. The opportunity to train and play with the best player’s in one’s age group.
  2. Quality instruction from nationally licensed coaches.
  3. Quality competition. Games against other state association
  4. Exposure to regional and national team coaches.
  5. The opportunity to represent one’s state, region, or country in competition.
  6. Exposure to college coaches.

A: Yes.  Any American player who lives in Europe are welcome. Any youth player can participate in ODP Europe as long as they are registered with a district association and have to pay a small registration fee to become a US Youth Soccer Europe member.

A: Yes, it is permissible for a player to participate in the ODP even if they are playing club soccer. The program is designed to give players the opportunity to further their development and provide them with additional opportunities.

We realize that players may have club events that may conflict with an ODP event. We encourage all players to communicate with both their club coaches and ODP coaches to work out any conflicts. We respect the need for players to attend club events and missing an ODP event for this will NOT be held against them.

A: Players are selected on the basis of open tryouts. These tryouts are conducted by coaches who are recognized for their ability to identify and train players with superior skills. Selection of these players is not an easy task. The state association technical director will be assisted in the selection process by several other qualified coaches from the club or league level.

Players are evaluated on four components that make up a soccer player:

  • Technique
  • Tactics
  • Fitness and athletic ability
  • Psychological component (attitude)

A: A fitness performance test is given to evaluate speed, agility, jumping and shooting strength.

Additionally, at each camp players receive feedback from their coach.  It is the players responsibility to take notes. ODP Europe does not provide written feedback. 

A: Typically, the U11 competitive team carries a roster of 12 players and the semi competitive carries a roster of 14. Older age groups may take as many as 18-20 players. If number of quality players-whether in a district or at an older age group warrants more than one team, that age group will most likely carry multiple teams.

A:  A player is notified from the ODP administration 7 days after the ODP Tryout Camp

A: Selection to ODP Europe Olympic Development Program requires serious participation and a real commitment to improving individual skills. Players are subject to the Olympic Development Europe Program Code of Conduct upon entry into the program, and are expected to participate in all activities. Players unable to participate may be replaced by another player from their pool.

Please email us and we will invite you to the following camp as a tryout player.

A: There are no refunds after September 2nd with the exception of injury. Refunds for injuries will require a Medical letter from the treating Physician, and must state that the player is “unable to play soccer”.  Please submit this letter to USYS Europe, within 3 working days of the injury to begin the refund process. Refunds for injuries (or any portion of the try-out fee) will not be issued if a player has already participated in a try-out session.



  • If a player tests positive with Covid within 48 hours of the start of a camp, a PCR test needs to be provided for the camp fee to be refunded
  • If a player is sick prior to camp, the camp fee will be refunded with an official doctor’s note (acceptable to USYS Europe Board)
  • If a player is injured prior to camp, the camp fee will be refunded with an official doctor’s note (acceptable to USYS Board)

Other reasons for cancellation:

  • General rule – If a player cancels for any other reason than Covid, illness or injury no refund will be granted.
  • USYS Board reserves its right to grant exceptions based on a player’s individual family circumstances


All cancenllations will be also subject to a 50 €uro administration fee.

ODP Try Out camp cost 375 Euro & all other ODP Camps 350€., this includes room and board.
The spring break international tour, is a week- long cost TBA.  Players selected to play in the Regional camp the cost is between 895 – 1000 Euro, which includes room and board.

Every player will receive an 80 Euro (c5%) Discount, if the player pays the Full price of 1.645 Euro for the entire 2022-23 ODP Europe Season. à The full price must be paid by Oct 15, 2022.


  • The Full price does not include the ODP tryout camp and Regional Preparation Camp (which is optional).
  • Once committed to the program it is expressly understood by all players and their parents/guardians, they are responsible for all fees associated with the ODP Europe program.
  • Payment is due upon completion of the player’s registration.

A: ODP Europe builds its Olympic Development Program staff out of the top level of coaches. The ODP Coaching is highly qualified and licensed with many experience and developing competitive youth and professional players.

A: Yes, there is a licensed physical trainer at all ODP camps/events.

A: Yes, during ODP camps GK will have separate training.

A: Yes. During Spring Break.  Location changes every season.

A: Players will have the opportunity to order gear twice a year.   All players selected for the player pool will have to purchase a training kit. The kit is mandatory; black socks, black shorts, and an official ODP Training shirt.

Please notify the admin ahead of time so that we can make the necessary request.

A: The players must provide their own training gear (Joma). ODP Europe is certain requirement. Each player must wear black socks and shorts and purchase the official ODP training shirt. Those are the minimum requirement to wear at any ODP Europe training session. However, the players will have the opportunity to purchase online a training kit. (Only ODP EUROPE POOL players)

A: US YOUTH SOCCER is divided into four regions, each of which offers a regional camp for state association ODP teams in each eligible age group. The camps are designed to provide high level competition and training for participating players. During this training and competition, players who are capable of performing at a higher level of play are identified for possible national camp, pool or team participation. Each region varies somewhat as to the specifics and the cost of their camps. 

A: National Camps and Inter-regional events are held throughout the year at various locations in the United States. The National Team Coach or a National Staff Coach is present at these events to observe, train and identify players for placement in the national pool or on a national team.

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